Even if spots are pigment in your opinion, try to go through a consultation with a doctor, because the self-determine where spots emerged, quite difficult.This may be because for a long stay in the sun, exposure to any chemical dysfunction of the digestive system, and much more.Rather, in such a case, the doctor will recommend to first pass a comprehensive examination, and then assign the therapy.
If you are prone to the emergence of increased pigmentation, try to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight: purchase special sunscreen cosmetics with added UV filters, moisturizing and nourishing creams.In additi
on, watch your diet: diet should be present in foods that contain vitamins A, B, C.
Treatment of pigmentation possible and folk remedies.Here's an easy recipe to prepare: Take a tablespoon of lemon juice (since he has a bleaching effect) and dissolve it in 100 ml of water.The resulting solution is necessary to wipe your face morning and evening.Against pigmentation perfectly valid cucumber mask: a finely grate the cucumber, and the resulting slurry is applied to the face (to do such a mask can be daily).To get rid of the stains, wipe your face as hydrogen peroxide solution, which is sold in any drugstore.
To remove stains from the face and suit a variety of peels.However, it is not necessary to carry out their own, you can only worsen the case.It is better to consult a specialist in a beauty salon.There you will be able to offer, for example, ultrasound treatments, perfectly regenerates the skin and removes the "dead" cells.Get rid of stains and laser therapy can help.By the way, its advantage is that it allows you to work even with very sensitive skin.