The eggshell contains a large amount of calcium, which is very useful to humans.Moreover, it is composed of silicon, copper, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and other elements (27 in total).This calorie egg shell is zero, so that the exact figure, it will not spoil.


Before using the shell is necessary to crush into powder.It is noteworthy that only in the form of calcium is able to be absorbed almost completely.This element is also found in other substances (eg, soda, chalk, gypsum), but is absorbed worse and tends to be deposited in the kidneys.And this is due to the compatibility of the fact that the eggshell is almost 100% identical in structure to human teeth and bones.

There is also a great benefit to the bone marrow.First, it stimulates the production of blood in
the body.Secondly, it has excellent output from radioactive substance and does not allow them to accumulate.The most effective eggshell effect on strontium-90.

Because young children occurs regularly for bone formation of the skeleton, they will also be very useful to this product.Of course, it is better to replace it with special mixtures, which include the egg shells.So much safer, and the child will be easier to learn the necessary elements.In addition, you can protect your baby from diathesis, anemia and rickets.

Adults consuming eggshells can forget about problems with hair, nails and teeth.It also helps fight gum bleeding, problems with the spine, and osteoporosis, according to some reports, relieves irritability and stress.In addition, the eggshell provides invaluable assistance to people suffering from asthma.Tools with this product to help alleviate symptoms.


Like any other product, egg shells should be consumed in moderation.Excessive desire can only hurt.This product is also strictly forbidden to people with cancer.

greatest harm does not the shell, and those harmful substances that are on its surface.Therefore, before using it necessarily need to wash, dry and get rid of the film.Remember, too, that the eggs are the main carrier of salmonella.

It is best to eat only home products.So, you can be sure that the animal is not stuffed with chemicals and other harmful substances.