among Russian men also have Orthodox, who want to marry only a girl without sexual experience.Well, that modern medicine has methods that can return the hymen, and it can be done even once.This operation is called - Hymenoplasty, and it relates to the field of aesthetic gynecology.

What reconstruction surgery?

Hymenoplasty - hymen restoration is through surgery.Often, this procedure used by women after forced intercourse.There are cases when the hymen breaks and because of the intense exercise or careless gynecological examination.Sometimes even occur cases where the assistance of the operation used by women, who re-married and want everything to start "from scratch".

its name, this procedure was named after the Greek god Hymen, who is the patron of marriage and family.The first such operation was carried out in 1962
.Recently reconstruction surgery is one of the most popular and sought after gynecological surgery.

Hymenoplasty - a simple procedure, and it is carried out very rapidly: patients without hospitalization and without general anesthesia.The doctor simply re pulls a thin film or creates it from the tissues of the vagina.Plus, you can call, and that the doctor can be a little narrow the vagina itself.As a result of this procedure is formed newly created hymen, which is no different from that which was originally.

At what age can carry out the operation and whether it has contraindications?

operation to restore the virginity of girls and adults is carried out almost no contraindications, except for inflammatory diseases and sexually transmitted infections.Before such an operation is necessary to pass a thorough examination of the gynecologist and pass all the required tests.

Women often resort to this transaction is not from a sense of shame.Some come to the doctor because it happened in his youth are not as they would like.And now they are resolved to do everything the way they wanted.However, there are cases of women over 35 years old come to such a procedure, in order to surprise or simply to please his beloved.

Intimate surgery is developing rapidly.Previously, women could not even dream about such procedures, because the country has been a ban on publicity of intimate relationships.Currently, however, the woman wants to feel loved and cherished, even if for that she would have to return to the hymen.