you need
  • - proven clinic;
  • - a good plastic surgeon;
  • - material means to pay for the work.
nasal septum consists of cartilage and bone tissue, so it can only be corrected by surgery.The operation to change the shape of the nasal septum is called septoplasty.If you decide to do it, the first thing you need to make an appointment to the selected plastic surgery clinic.Your doctor will tell you all the details about the upcoming operation, will decide how much should be significant changes.You will learn how your nose will look like after the surgery, what tests you need to pass in front of it, and you call the service cost.
if you want all the items agreed with the plastic surgeon, you can begin delivery of analyzes.It is necessary to find out whether you are allergic to any medication.Also, you have to be tested for
the presence of diseases such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, and so on. D. Need to have an electrocardiogram and fluorogram.
After the successful delivery of analyzes necessary to collect the necessary documents and to write the patient's consent for the operation.
Next - the operation itself.First you make anesthesia.Most often make general anesthesia, in rare cases - local.Then start the operation itself.It usually lasts a few hours, after which you wake up with a new straight nose.
After the operation begins not less important period - rehabilitation.You must be careful and follow all recommendations of your doctor.It depends on what will be the outcome in the end and whether it will continue.You will have to wear a bandage of plaster, which establishes a new form of the nose for 7-10 days.At this time, you must be seen by a doctor and receive the necessary medicines.If you strictly follow the instructions, then you will not have side effects, and is a beautiful healthy nose.