Brief information about earthquakes

on the ground for about a million years occur aftershocks of varying intensity, often their epicenters are located on the ocean floor.Powerful quake can cause severe damage, leading to the formation of a tsunami.

In order to classify the earthquake power, introduced the scale of magnitude.The best known is the Richter scale.It contains standard units from 1 to 9.5, which are calculated on the strength and frequency fluctuations and recorded seismograph.

Pending earthquake

If you and your family live in earthquake-prone area, you need to prepare for a possible earthquake.It is necessary to prepare "alarming suitcase", which will be all you need fo
r an emergency situation: first aid kit, bottled water, flashlight, clothing, part of the money, documents, dry rations.Periodically, the contents of the bags need to be updated (medicine, food, water).

advance Pick a safe place where you can take shelter during an earthquake.Learn basic CPR and first aid.Write down on a piece of telephone numbers of emergency services of the city.All heavy and cumbersome in an apartment located in a seismically hazardous area, if possible keep as low as possible.

During an earthquake

Since the beginning of aftershocks quickly without panic begin to act on pre-painted plane.If you are in an apartment building on the first or second floors, take the "alarming suitcase" and leave the building.On the street, try to stay away from buildings, trees and power lines.Remember that the time to think you do not, the intervals between the tremors are typically 15-20 seconds.

If an earthquake catches you on the top floors, try to take the apartment the safest place.In no case do not use the elevator, its shaft may be compromised, and you find yourself locked.On the balconies, loggias and bay windows you can not go.

can lie in the bath - in the collapse of ceilings chances of survival increase significantly.If the apartment has a table, a bed, able to withstand the fall of a heavy object, and you can hide under them.It is desirable that they were at the inner bearing wall.In panel high-rise building to hide in the closet, because such housing its construction, as a rule, is a monolithic box.If there is no time to hide, become in the doorway.

If you are in a car

If you are traveling in the car and start an earthquake, stop immediately.Roadbed can be damaged by a sudden.Tunnels, bridges, high-rise power lines, roadway in the vicinity of high-rise buildings - all that is a threat to you.Therefore, in such places, you need to quickly leave the car and run off into the open.

After the earthquake

If the earthquake occurred at night and you are in your apartment, do not rush to use open fire, do not turn on the light.Possible gas leak, ignite.

Do not touch the wires and anything metal and wet, there is a risk of electric shock.No fuss, can collapse features.If beside you appeared affected by the earthquake, provide them with first aid and call the emergency rescue officers.

If you are outdoors, not in a hurry to return back to the room because of possible aftershocks.Buildings can be alert and dangerous to stay in them.