reasons threat of miscarriage

reasons for threatened abortion are quite a few.Most often, this diagnosis is made at a malformation of the uterus, for example, when it saddle, two-horned, or a partition.These diseases affect the normal attachment of the ovum.

If the fetus there are any genetic disease, the threat of miscarriage may remain even after the necessary treatment.Because of this, the young mother increases the likelihood of miscarriage or fetal death.When you save the pregnancy in such a case should be treated with special attention to health and to pass all examinations prescribed by a physician to timely detect possible malformations of the child.

Any infection increases the risk of preterm labor or miscarriage.Especially dangerous to the fetus genital
diseases and those that can cause malformations of the fetus, such as rubella.Lack of progesterone can also cause a threat to abortion.Other hormonal causes such as malfunction of the thyroid gland - are no less dangerous.

Women survivors of emotional stress or in a state of stress also may cause a threat of miscarriage.It's no wonder they say that expectant mothers can not be nervous.

Treatment and prevention of the threat of miscarriage

If the state of the expectant mother does not cause serious concern among experts, it may appoint outpatient treatment.A pregnant woman will need to comply with the physical and psychological comfort.In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a sedative.

in the event that the threat of termination of pregnancy pregnant hospitalized.So it is much easier to forget about the problems and concentrate on your baby.In addition, the expectant mother will feel protected because, if necessary, it will help fast.

threat of miscarriage Treatment depends on the cause of its occurrence.For example, if a pregnant uterine tone is detected, it can be assigned to these drugs that relieve muscle spasm.In inflammatory or infectious diseases doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment.

To avoid the threat of miscarriage, pregnant women should follow a few simple rules.First of all you need to protect yourself from fatigue and stress.Such shocks greatly weaken the immune system.Expectant mother should guard against a variety of infections, since medication during pregnancy is undesirable.If she is still sick, she was not in any case be self-medicate, and should seek medical attention and stick to his prescriptions.

pregnant woman who wants to exercise, should consult a doctor.It will take into account contraindications, if any, and to advise specific exercises that benefit and the mother and baby.