Tip 1: How to recover for two days

cope with a cold for two days quite possible, but it requires the use of drugs and methods of traditional medicine.The main cause of the common cold is a viral infection which is able to overcome a person's immunity.But his weakened stress, hypothermia, allergies, unhealthy environmental conditions.At the first sign of a cold help your immune system to quickly deal with viruses.
you need
  • - Ā«Arbidol";
  • - berries, cranberries, cranberry, sea buckthorn, raspberry, lemon, ginger, chamomile, lime color;
  • - onion;
  • - Echinacea purpurea;
  • - honey;
  • - essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, fir);
  • - propolis;
  • - aloe.
Typically, the disease begins with lung ailments.This point is in any case not to be missed, it is here that start treatment.Immediate supply of essential medicines, honey, propolis, fruit, herbal teas, essential oils and try reaching the house and taking the necessary treatments, go to bed.
as "emergency" body start receiving "Arbidol" according to the instructio
During illness often lost appetite.It is not necessary to force the body, it is mobilizing its forces to fight the infection and digestion only reduces its capacity.
But drink plenty of great benefit, reduces toxicity, helping to quickly bring the waste products of viruses.In addition, the body requires restore lost moisture at higher temperatures.Take useful liquid, rich in vitamins and trace elements.For example, fruit drinks from fresh or fresh-frozen berries (cranberries, cranberry, sea buckthorn, black currant, raspberry), lemon tea, honey lemon tea, herbal tea with honey, ginger tea with lemon and honey, tea and sea buckthorn or Kalinovoye jam, and others.
sure to ventilate the room in which lie or leave the room, or just warm sheltered.It is necessary to purify the air from viruses.Do not forget to cut a few heads of onion, spread his skeet and place in the room.This is a very effective antiviral method.
If summer stocked herb Echinacea purpurea, immediate brew it (tablespoon per 250 ml of boiling water) and drink a third cup 4-5 times a day.Can take pharmacy alcoholate Echinacea 20-25 drops, dissolved in 30 ml of water, 3-4 times per day.
When the temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius, do not try to knock it faster.Temperature - a reaction of the immune system to infection.
With a cold is very useful to use essential oils.When starting a cold drip 3 drops of eucalyptus oil on a piece of sugar or in a spoonful of honey.Resorbed in the mouth as long as possible by delaying part of it.The procedure is performed at least 3 times a day.
Drip on a small piece of cloth a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender or pine oil.Put the cloth in a plastic bag, and periodically sniff these aromas.
sure to get propolis, can be a chemist alcohol tincture or a small piece of pure propolis from a friend beekeeper.It is a powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory agent.Take aqueous-alcoholic infusion of either absorbable piece of propolis size of a match head at night.
also very useful to dissolve a piece of aloe (less than 2 cm) 4-5 times a day, alternating it with the dispersal of honey.

Tip 2: How to recover from SARS

SARS shows weakness, malaise and fever up to 38 degrees, and sometimes higher.Also complicates the overall well-being cold. SARS can be easily confused with other viral diseases, such as influenza.Therefore, the treatment without consulting a physician can not bring relief, or even cause complications.
How to recover from SARS
Call the doctor at home or go to the hospital for admission to the therapist.The doctor will examine you and give direction to the delivery of blood and urine tests.The study you are diagnosed.Also appoint and treatment.But if you do not want to go to the hospital, you can try to start self-treatment, in this case all the risks associated with complications, you are taking on.
most important thing in the treatment of SARS - drink plenty of liquids.Drink herbal teas medicinal herbs such as chamomile, nettle and thyme.Do not forget about the tea, fruit drinks, juices and compotes.Not bad helps raspberry jam, eat it with hot tea.The liquid will display toxicity from the body, which is somewhat improve your condition, because the headache occurs because of intoxication as a result of the collapse of the bacteria.
SARS Treatment should be symptomatic.If you have a fever, take antipyretic such as paracetamol or aspirin.At a cold to help vasoconstrictor drops or nasal wash with a weak solution of salt.Focus on his condition.It is worth noting that paracetamol is not only reduces the temperature, but also relieves headache and weakness, so it can take 1 tablet three times a day before meals, but no more than 3-4 days.
To avoid cough that almost always appears after the illness, take expectorant drugs or herbs.Also anoint the back and chest warming ointments with essential oils.You'll not only feel better, but also to avoid the appearance of complications.
sure to hand over blood after full recovery, because complications are not always visible, sometimes they can be fixed only on the results of analyzes.And of course, do not take the tablets on the temperature more often than it should be, you can get poisoned, and the better for it not to be.
cope with a cold easily, but the main thing - to restore immunity.Avoid smoking, alcohol, excessive exercise, avoid stress.This will help manage without complications.
Helpful Hint
Also, do not forget the mustard and inhalation (in the absence of temperature), alcohol or rubbing the legs, chest and back, vitamin therapy, and others.
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