parasite - is a word of Greek origin, and in the translation sounds like a "parasite" that exactly.Settle in the human body, the parasites feed on his account, not just eating nutrients that come from food, but the internal organs and tissues, causing them to deform and reduce their effectiveness.

protect themselves from parasites, unfortunately, it is not always possible, but to prevent their development and reproduction of the forces most people, because it is enough just to be tested regularly on their availability.This analysis provides a path to a healthier life.

What symptoms indicate the presence of parasites in the body

Most parasites develop in the body without symptoms, without betraying their presence.In most cases, their livelihoods leads to symptoms
of various diseases, did not indicate the presence of "freeloaders", set the wrong diagnosis, the wrong treatment is carried out, which only exacerbates the situation.

signs of parasitosis can be a regular pain in the muscles and joints that occur for no apparent reason, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, sharp fluctuations in weight loss, nervousness, constant fatigue, insomnia.Very often there are problems with the skin appear allergic rashes, reduced immunity.One sign is the gnashing of teeth at night, which few people attaches importance.

What tests carried out to detect parasites

There are many kinds of parasites that live and reproduce in the human body, and their detection has developed several techniques.Some of the parasites are detected in the study of feces, some - at the fence so-called scrape to the anus, and some identified only in the study of venous blood.

Cal to identify the parasites need to take for 5 days, it is very important to follow the dietary recommendations that are sure to give the doctor-parasitologist, or infectious disease physician.Gathering material from the anal opening is made only once.

Blood tests to detect the parasite is carried out by various methods, depending on the symptoms that the patient has.Most often conducted serological testing of blood serum to detect antibodies, the so-called PCR diagnosis or microbiological analysis for the detection of single and multicellular organisms harmful.

According to the research, depending on what the parasites were found, the patient is assigned treatment, which must be conducted again in 3-6 months.