To quit smoking the smoker with the experience, you need to find good reasons and incentives.It would seem that it is not so difficult, because smoking is harmful to health and life threatening.So get rid of this bad habit is only in order to live long and do not collide with serious diseases.But a heavy smoker can hardly think about it, so it pays to try to find other incentives.For example, think about the fact that the money saved could be spent on the purchase of a new car.
If you clearly decided to quit smoking for good, then determine how you do it.It is believed that a sharp rejection of the smoker smoking can be harmful and even dangerous.But in fact, nothing terrible will happen.The state of health could deteriorate, but this is due t
o emotional state.Demand for cigarettes is due not so much a physical addiction as psychological.But if you find it difficult to quit smoking once, do it gradually, reducing the number of cigarettes smoked.But doctors recommend to get rid of this habit once a day.The first few days will be difficult, but after a week you will get better.
Find substitute cigarettes.Instead of a "smoke break" you can make a snack.Do not go to smoke on the balcony, and open the fridge, take an apple and eat it.You can select and something else, such as chewing gum, some drink or even bubbles.It is believed that if the tap mouth, the brain can receive the signal, similar to that fed during smoking.Of course, nicotine in the body do not, yet chosen a replacement could help get satisfaction.
to give up cigarettes a heavy smoker, you should try to take all of his time to about cigarettes was simply no time to think.Stay at work, take additional tasks, get some interesting exercise or join a gym.
Seek professional help.If you would be hard psychologically doctor may prescribe antidepressants.There are special formulations containing therapeutic doses of nicotine and gradually allow to get rid of the craving for cigarettes.But in most cases these funds are ineffective.Moreover, there are procedures to help suppress dependence.For example, the effectiveness of acupuncture.