The pituitary gland is a master gland of the human body.This gland amazing effect on human hormones highlighting and influencing the other glands, is already adjusting their work on the allocation of the necessary hormones.

Location pituitary

pituitary gland located in the brain and is connected by feet to the hypothalamus.This connection allows the two glands maintain control over many aspects metabolisticheskih processes of the body.In other words - they ensure the correct functioning of the body.

Dimensions pituitary about 10h13h6 mm.The average weight - 0.5 g Thus as the weight and size vary because of the functional state of the gland.

have pituitary has two major share - front and back.Front ¾ of the whole mass.

What is the pituitary gland.Hormones secreted by the pituitary gland

As mentioned above, the
role of the pituitary gland - the selection of a certain type of hormones and affect other glands that also produce its own hormones.All this allows us to talk about this body as the most important in metabolic processes.

hormone secreted by the posterior lobe of

posterior pituitary gland are two main hormones - antidiuritichesky hormone and oxytocin.As regards the first of the hormone, it is intended to control the amount of water in the human body.With its help is controlled by the kidneys.If the hormone affects them, they begin to give off liquid or delay.

Oxytocin is not fully understood.It is believed that if its impact is being labors.During birth there is a large release of the hormone into the uterus, which begins to decline rapidly.Additionally, oxytocin affects the amount of breast milk.As for the men, hormone affect their development.

hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of

anterior pituitary hormones released six.Here are four of the hormone affect other organs:

- the thyroid gland;
- the adrenal glands;
- gonads.

Tiretropny hormone affects the thyroid, and adrenocorticotropic hormone - in the adrenal glands.
anterior lobe of the pituitary releases FSH and FSH B. They have the greatest impact on the sex glands.

prolaktip hormone directly affects the function of reproduction, growth hormone - the ability of the human body to develop normally.

Many meditative practice focuses on precisely the pituitary gland.It is believed that its correct operation - a guarantee of health and longevity.Without pituitary we could not feel a sense of euphoria, craving for the opposite sex, to control water balance, and more.Until now, scientists have not been able to fully examine the gland.It may well be that the pituitary gland over a wide range of actions in the human body.