One of the main causes of fluid in the lungs, or pulmonary edema is heart failure.Heart - the most important organ of the human body, malfunctions result in that vein, passing in the lungs, is a lot of pressure.Another cause of edema may be causing immediate harm lungs, for example, by hitting the body of toxic substances (ammonia) or some infections (pneumonia).Renal failure is also often accompanied by the appearance of liquid in the lungs.
The main symptoms of the presence of fluid in the lungs are: a cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness at breath, unexplained fatigue, and general weakness in the whole body, severe pain in the chest and
the adjacent parts of the body, darkening of the skin, as well asheart palpitations.All these symptoms must be diagnosed in the early stages, ignoring them can lead to serious problems, the symptoms become more pronounced, and breathing difficulties increase.
Before the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to pinpoint the root cause of its appearance.The first step is to contact the appropriate medical specialist to conduct a complete blood count to check the level of oxygen in it, to diagnose kidney function, electrocardiogram of the heart, to make X-rays of the lungs, as well as undergo ultrasound.These studies are very important, the exact identification of the causes of the disease is impossible without them.
Depending on the results of examination of the patient is usually assigned to receive appropriate medications for removing fluid from the lung and treat the causes of disease.In severe cases, can be assigned to a special procedure using breathing apparatus.At the stage of treatment of the disease it is very important to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations and in time to take prescribed medication.Fluid in the lungs - is a dangerous phenomenon.Failure to receive the body proper treatment can lead to very serious consequences.