However, in order to wake up early and feel fine in this case (and not walk like a chicken sleepy until the middle of the day), it is necessary to fully sleep.The conclusion is clear - to sleep and wake up on time, you need to go to bed earlier.

It seems to be very simple - but it is only in words.For many of us, sooner or even time to go to bed - just unreal.Indeed, it is very difficult to become a "lark" where he worked until six in the evening, at seven to get home and begins: washing, cleaning, cooking, checking lessons for children.But you want more and see a movie and a book to read, and talk with relatives.Yes, and marital duties, in the end, no one has canceled.And if the house has Internet - it is generally a separate conversation.Every user knows how temptation not have e

nough sleep a couple of hours, but look on the network the new blockbuster movie or read a recent book.

course, without all that will live not so interesting.But what if the late going to bed becomes a habit?Definitely, let things take their course and hope that the body itself knows when his rest, absolutely not.Even if at first you will not feel so bad, over time, fatigue, lack of sleep caused by a constant, will be felt the most unpleasant way: headaches, general weakness, memory impairment and performance, and even nervous disorders and depression.

If you decide to arrange a new, healthier behavior, set a clear rule: go to bed at a fixed time.For example, if you need to get up at six in the morning, you should go to bed no later than ten at night - eight hours of rest the body has time to completely relax and recuperate.

order to train yourself to go to bed earlier, you need to sacrifice anything - without it will not turn out.And think what is better: to look up to two hours of the night horror movie, and then fall asleep on the move or still go early and wake up with a clear head.Choose, of course, you.