Wash the wound

The first thing you should do - as soon as possible wash the wound.The bite may not be deep, but rinse it still needed the cat's mouth contains a large number of microbes that are potentially hazardous to human health.Wash the wound can be plain water.In the case of severe bleeding and deep bites, apply a bandage on the wound and go to the doctor, it should examine the experts.

Deep wounds are not the only reasons for seeking medical help.Consult your doctor if you feel a lot of pain, they may indicate nerve damage.Do not attempt to treat yourself as if you have the disease, do not allow the body to fight infection (diseases of the liver and lung, diabetes, etc.).


If you do not see a doctor, believing that the wound was not serious, i
t may receive an infection.It is likely to be distributed on an already dead part of your skin.In such cases, doctors sometimes not in a hurry to treat bites.Some of these injuries is given a few days, so they began to heal on their own.This time is necessary to ensure that the bite is no longer contain infections.Then, the injury is sutured in the usual way.In some cases, the bite can be deep enough to require surgery to clean it.However, this often occurs when the bites of dogs than cats.


addition to handling bite doctors can prescribe different antibiotics to help prevent further spread of infection.Cat bites are appointed antibiotics more frequently than dog bites.This is due to the fact that the risk of catching an infection from a cat bite is much higher.Antibiotics are also prescribed in cases where the injury does not pass in time, but only causes more and more discomfort if you are preparing for surgery and necessary to bring the infection as soon as possible.Indications for use of such a trauma, and complications such as redness, appearance of tumors, bleeding, etc.

Rabies Rabies

- it is extremely dangerous to human disease, which is transmitted to it from animals, such as bites.The most common cause of this disease are stray dogs, but can be dangerous and bite cats.Rabies is progressing very quickly, so if you have a suspicion that the cat may be infected (for example, you do not know whether the owner did her vaccinated), immediately seek medical attention.