acclimatization process can manifest itself in different ways.When you move to a country with a hot climate in humans for the first time, there may be loss of appetite, insomnia and digestive disorders, disrupted water-salt balance and reduced resistance to various infectious diseases.In the most severe conditions, such as high temperature and humidity, acclimatization may be accompanied by tachycardia, appearance of rashes on the skin, reduced muscle tone, heat stroke, exhaustion and even heat cramps.
Moving from the usual warm conditions during the cold can result in a decrease in blood pressure, excessive fatigue, the appearance of shortness of breath, low immunity and frequent colds, feeling of weakness and lethargy, the development of chronic diseases as
bronchitis or, for example,arthritis.Acclimatization in this case can be expressed as insomnia or, conversely, the constant feeling of drowsiness, neurotic condition.
duration of acclimatization will depend on many factors.First of all it affects the difference between the familiar and the new climatic conditions - on the way to warmer climates in the winter changes the body will be much longer than in the case if the trip came in the summer.When you move from countries with warm or temperate climate to the North for permanent residence acclimatization can occur for a year or even several years, as the body will be reconstructed not only to the new climate, but also to other daylength.
Secondly, the duration of acclimatization depends on the state of the body of the man himself.The same trip can unsettle one week, and others will come around all day.Young people, who are accustomed to frequent travel or simply lead an active lifestyle and participate in sports, much faster acclimatize to the new climatic and geographical conditions than children and the elderly.
to acclimatization went faster and easier, it is important to help your body adapt to the new conditions.To do this, go on a trip rested and healthy, while choosing the countries in which the climate is not very different from the usual.In the subtropics, and even more so in the equatorial country is better to go in the summer, and not in the middle of winter.Helps to reduce the duration and intensity of acclimatization and good living conditions and proper nutrition - not to be, for example, unusually high temperature or high humidity for a vacation in a hotel with no air conditioning or a walk down the street in the inferno.It is also advisable to go to the country in a completely different climate is not less than 2 weeks, and best of all - for 21 days.