1. Treatment of warts with castor oil.

Warts and other growths on the skin without a trace can be removed if rubbed into them in the morning and evening for 20-30 minutes castor oil.A few days later starts to dry skin lesions, and after some time completely disappear.And from him will remain no trace of even a speck.

In the same way will be able to get rid of brown, so-called "liver" spots.They often appear on the skin of the hands and face with age.For successful treatment of rubbing the oil they need to be at least slightly convex, slightly raised above the surface of the skin.If this type of pigmented spots, i.e. are completely flu
sh with the skin, there is another method of treatment.

2. Getting rid of age spots.

To correct skin hyperpigmentation need to make compresses.For them, it is necessary to heat the castor oil, it is better in a water bath.Wet the cheesecloth in a warm oil and apply on the area of ​​pigmentation.Top can be covered with cellophane.Withstand 40 minutes, wet cloth, but do not rinse with water.Such applications will have to do at night two or three times a week for a month.If you apply them to the entire face, except for the clarification of spots and will be noticeable rejuvenation, smoothed the wrinkles become more supple and fresh skin.If age spots and slightly compresses do seem tedious, it is possible simply to lubricate the night every speck of oil cotton swab.

3. Dry and hardened skin is no longer a problem.

castor oil is a healing balm for dry and rough skin.It can be applied to a person instead of a night cream.Despite viscous consistency, it is well absorbed.The real salvation be castor oil for dry, chapped skin of hands.In the heated state it must be abundantly applied to the hands of the evening, wear gloves on top of cellophane, and then another mittens.With the compress bed.On the morning of hands will be soft and gentle, sores and cracks tight.

Similarly, we can get rid of the dryness and cracks on the soles of the feet.It is better to pre-steam the legs, and then also spread warm oil, wrap in cellophane and put on socks.If you do so regularly, the skin will stop velvety and smooth, will ease in the legs.