in fish and shellfish contain a lot of iron and protein, a variety of nutrients that are necessary for the development and growth of the child.Omega-3, which are contained in large quantities in certain species of marine fish, affect the development of the brain of the baby.
However, it should be borne in mind that in some types of seafood, especially predatory fish, can contain a lot of mercury.For healthy adults it is not a problem, but a pregnant woman and the fetus mercury can harm.Regular consumption of fish with lots of mercury leads to the accumulation of this substance in the body that can damage the baby's brain development and its nervous system.
American specialists have a huge number of different studies on this topic.They concluded that p
regnant women with impunity and the unborn child can eat 230-350 grams of seafood a week.It is recommended to choose fish and seafood with low mercury content.First of all, it concerns the crab, shrimp, salmon, cod and pollack.Many experts believe that pregnant women can eat and canned tuna, but do not have more than 170 grams of this product per week.
To eliminate the harmful effects of mercury on the body of the child, it is desirable to give up eating meat predatory fish.You should not eat swordfish, shark, king mackerel.It should be wary of raw fish, clams and oysters.The body of a pregnant woman is weakened and can respond even to very safe products very rapidly.A raw fish and seafood, especially in urban areas, far from the sea, can be anything but safe.
Do not eat fish of cold smoking, which is treated with liquid nitrogen.In general, it is very important to cook seafood and fish.The temperature during the cooking time should not be below 63oS, cooked fish is completely opaque and quite easy to separate the fibers.Lobsters, shrimp and scallops during cooking should change its color to milky white.Be sure to buy seafood from reliable sellers.