you need
  • - series of exercises;
  • - medical examination.
Kartavykh start treatment as early as possible.If a child in pre-school age is not pronouncing the letter "r", it is advisable to consult a speech therapist.Do not expect that a defect will disappear by itself.The doctor will help identify the cause of the problem and prescribe the appropriate therapy.
Eliminate the problem of the structure of articulation apparatus, which may affect the occurrence of burr.Among them - the structural defects of the lips, malocclusion, insufficient length of the tongue, cleft palate.Most of these pathologies should be promptly treated in childhood.
burr If the problem is related to the insufficient length of the language, do the cropping opera
tion on the bridle.This procedure is not traumatic and does not take much time.In most cases, from the burr will be over.
If the operation is not reasonable indications, start treatment by other methods.First of all, go through speech therapy massage course with a specialist.This therapy is complex techniques and exercises influence on the whole articulation apparatus.This procedure will help to strengthen muscles, reduce any pathological manifestations of the vocal apparatus, increase the amplitude of movements of the tongue.
Follow the course of exercises to eliminate burr.Among the most common speech therapy exercises - the so-called "motor".For its implementation need to open your mouth, press the tip of the tongue to the busy upper gum and a strong exhale pronounce the sound D or G. At this time, the doctor causes fluctuations in the language with a spatula or finger.Furthermore, it should constantly train their own language.Several times a day they work out movements imitating dental cleaning from the inside.This is a simple and effective exercise must be done regularly for 1-2 minutes.