If you have noticed the tooth any spots or chips, as soon as possible, contact your dentist. Caries can develop very quickly and affects not only the surface portion and the interior, where the treatment is much more difficult and painful.The defeat of the tooth is not always pronounced, caries may manifest in the form of brown spots or cream, but with time it gets dark.
Examine your teeth, the doctor prescribe treatment, most often it is to remove the affected part with the help of a drill.If not touched a nerve, then this treatment will end.You impose a permanent seal.Talk with your doctor in advance the quality of the material used, than the more expensive it is, the longer it wi
ll last.If you go to the hospital at his residence, then you put the material that is available.Most of its quality leaves much to be desired.But even in social institutions can pay for higher quality seal.Choose, of course, to you, but to save on this is still not worth it.
If tooth caries lesion depth, you first put arsenic or a special paste, these substances will kill the nerve.Then remove it and seal the channel.More often then impose temporary filling stage, which is necessary to walk about 7 days.Then temporarily removed and in its place put a strong permanent seal.After filling refrain from eating 2-4 hours.
Unfortunately, the cure tooth decay at home impossible.This requires a special technique, filling materials and skills.Apply only to experienced dentists.