American dieticians analyzed the dietary habits of 13,000 people.As a result, they made the following conclusion: effective weight loss can be achieved by eating healthy and environmentally friendly products.They do not deny the fact that sometimes the result of a proper diet bring.However, they believe that losing weight with the help of all kinds of diets a negative impact on overall health.For example, the use of protein diets is fraught with the fact that 14% increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

complete their studies, nutritionists have compiled a list of recommendations for effective wei

ght loss.

Effective Tips for losing weight:

  • consumption of meat products must be reduced, but the consumption of cereals, on the contrary, should be increased;
  • completely excluded from their daily diet of refined and semi-finished products;
  • one day a week, pay unloading days;
  • possible, use products that are typical for the area of ​​residence, and those that are made by local production;
  • «acidic" and "alkaline" foods in your menu should be equal;
  • lean on raw vegetables and fresh fruit;
  • fried and smoked food, such as semi-finished and refined foods, too, should be completely excluded, but on the food made for a couple, you need to pay attention;
  • certainly Eat small portions, while chewing it thoroughly;
  • not forget to drink the required daily amount of clean water;
  • in your diet must appear olive and canola oils, as well as prunes and green tea.

In the above recommendations of nutritionists is easy to understand that the main aspect in losing weight are not limited to, all of which are built on a diet, and eating healthy foods in moderate amounts.