sleep on solid very useful and much better health than sleeping on a soft and comfortable mattress.Too soft bed or sofa should not choose at all, as your spine need reliable support for recreation, which will retain its natural shape, support form, and will not develop curvature.In this respect, hard surface is particularly important for children's spine during its formation or when the first signs of scoliosis.


bed to sleep on the floor, in principle, it is possible, but this is optional.You can arrange and sleep on the bed so that the body will rest, and the spine stays healthy.To do this, you need to purchase a couch or bed with a solid surface.If on the bed assumes a mattress, you need to buy or orthopedic mattress with high rigidity.The disadvantage of su
ch a purchase would be its high cost, but if human health is dear to him, you can save on other things, but not on the benefits of health.There is a more viable option - to choose a thin mattress and the springs in the bed to replace solid board laid under it.Of course, to carry out such an operation must be an expert, because the board will need to properly secure, sanded and treated.

sleep on the floor

Select sleep on the floor - this is the most convenient and affordable way to rest on a solid surface.It does not need any expensive mattresses, no additional changes to the device bed.However, even for such a simple method need to prepare in advance.It would be better if you choose a warm spot on the floor, which is removed from the windows and panels.Remarkably, if the floor is covered with parquet or laminate rather than linoleum, laid on the bare concrete.In this case, you can make a bed on the carpet to the internal organs are not supercool.

Lay on the floor or on the carpet a solid mat of natural wool or a thin mattress that you will be using for sleep.Cover the bed, on top, you can hide a familiar blanket.Under the head is placed a normal pillow or rolled solid cushion of blankets, plaids.I need a little getting used to before you feel comfortable at a place like this.Usually much discomfort from the beginning induces sleep on their backs and the inability comfortable sleeping on your side.But it's a matter of habit.But from the first days you can feel that the back is no longer remains tense, tired out from the muscles, and you can fully sleep.