In folk medicine, the emergence of Wen - a consequence of "cluttering up" the body's waste substances - toxins.But the exact causes of their appearance has not been established.We study various possible causes:

- hereditary;
- violation of the metabolic processes of the body (including fat);
- hormonal background (as a result of various pathologies);

Is it dangerous?

Since all medical terms with the Latin root of "ohm" characterize any tumor appearance Wen may concern.But should not be afraid, talc rarely degenerate into malignancy.More needs to worry about the very cause of their appearance, and it must be further addressed.

Surgical removal

Surgical removal Wen possible.This operation is done under local anesthesia.The fine talc remove not recommended, but if wen achieve
d large operation required.But as it will not cause responsible, then after some time after removal of the fatty tumor may appear again.Even if all goes well, the true cause is resolved.


Today there is a new method of treatment - the introduction of lysis of the drug to the tumor.If wen small size, about 3 cm, after injection wen will disappear after 2 months.But this method is not yet sufficiently widespread.

Folk remedies

best way to remove the oil lamp without surgery is a folk remedy, since its effect is more calculated to cause.There are so many recipes.

- Golden mustache.Leaf to stretch, to fix on problem areas for 12 hours, then change it.Continue the procedure for about 10 days.

- Films eggs.Remove the tape, stretch to Wen.Hold for about 10 minutes.Repeat until recovery.

- pulling ointment (Vishnevsky ihtiolovaya).Sold in any drugstore.Helps to speed up the natural process of "maturation" Wen.Compresses and change them every 8-10 hours.

- Aloe.Night compresses.Attach adhesive tape on treated side.To improve the therapeutic properties of aloe leaf and cut the day before the application was kept in the refrigerator.

- A mixture of vinegar and iodine.Mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 and lubricate 2-3 times per day.

Yet Wen removal does not guarantee that there will be a new generation, so you should see a doctor to determine the cause of the exception and Wen.