Use a food additive "Creatine┬╗

protein food additive "Creatine" allows athletes to build muscle mass, increase endurance and improve power results.When you receive this level of intramuscular creatine supplements in the body increases by 2-3 times.After receiving the "Creatine" many notice a burst of energy and stamina.This is especially useful dietary supplement for athletes experiencing heavy loads at short distances.It reduces the rate of synthesis of lactic acid, which can cause pain in the muscles, and the drug increases endurance distance runners."Creatine" will be useful for athletes and vegetarians.Schemes of the drug a lot, they vary depending on the goals and objectives of its application. For more energy during exercise an hour before classes take 5-7 grams of "Creatine" within a month.

Side effects "Creatine┬╗

Side effects of using "Creatine" there are about four or five times out of a hundred.These include allergies, which is expressed in the redness of the eyes, the appearance of redness and itching of the skin.Athletes that have not passed the final puberty may cause acne (pimples).

Adverse action "Creatine" refers water retention in the body.It is expressed in the form of the appearance of swelling on his face and a small swelling of the extremities.With the development of this side effect can not be reduced doses of fluid intake, and get rid of this condition at the time of admission "Keratin" should abandon the use of fried, salty and spicy food.A side effect of the drug is Dehydration - Dehydration internal organs.This condition develops due to lack of water in the body, causing them to lose muscle.In this case, you just need to increase the daily water consumption of 0.5-1.2 liters. One of the side effects of "Creatine" are cramps and spasms that occur for the same reason as the dehydration, so in this case it is necessary to increase the daily intake of water.

In people with high acidity of the stomach, or those who suffer from ulcerative gastrointestinal disease, "Creatine" can cause digestive disorders (abdominal pain, stool disorders, flatulence).In such cases, should either refuse to receive or take it to the minimum level.It is also possible to replace the "creatine" the powder into a liquid form or capsule, although in this form is less effective.