Acute pain during sex when your partner comes to you pretty deep, can speak about the origin of the cyst on the ovary.This disease is common, many women over 45 turn to doctors with such a problem.

gynecologist should conduct a thorough inspection.Do not worry, because the cyst on the ovary can dissolve itself after a few menstrual cycles.The doctor may decide to take no action and wait a while.Pain during sex will not bother you if you give preference to the position of "rider".

during active sexual intercourse, there is a feeling that the vagina and genitals swell and burn.In this case, you need to check on the fungal infection and if the tests do not show, that audits of intimate things.You could cause irritation or allergy to intimate soaps, scented napkins, intimate to

ys, bath salt.

Sex after childbirth may be accompanied by pain in the perineal region.Discomfort can be confusing for the whole act of love, as well as for some time after.If the birth took place with tears, the pain of this nature may be present for some time.The only way out - a regular massage the perineum with a gel or lubricant.In the event that postpartum for several months, pain during sex does not go away, you should see a doctor, it may decide to remove the scar tissue.After this intervention, all normal.

If deep penetration passes without severe pain, which is scattered throughout the basin, and recalls premenstrual suffering, then you need to gather to receive medical attention.The reason can serve as endometriosis - a disease that attacks the tissue of the uterus.Often, many women of childbearing age suffer from endometriosis and therefore can not conceive.Doctor prescribes medication in the event that it does not provide a proper result, the problem is solved by surgery.

Causes Pain during sex may be indicative of many diseases.In that case, if the problem hurts you regularly, you should make an appointment with a gynecologist.