Lack of trace elements - the main reason for the poor state of the nails

meager diet, unbalanced diet or not suitable, missing lunch or dinner may be due to the poor condition of the nails.It is important that proteins and minerals ingested in a necessary amount.Treat curving nails have about a month to six months.You should start with the protein.This element is vital to the organism in general and in particular for nails.Per kilogram body weight should come 1-1.5 grams of protein daily.You must change the diet in favor of foods such as chicken, meat, eggs, milk, sea fish.

second important element for the organism, which is not enough, if the twisted nails - it is magnesium.The day should consume up to 400 mg of magnesium.The difficulty is, that satisfy the need for this trace using only food is difficult.Most meat is
rich in magnesium.But in order for the body has received the required number of trace elements, you need to eat per day to 2 kg of meat.Therefore, a lack of magnesium fill with drugs, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

lack of calcium, the third element necessary for healthy nails, you can make up for fermented milk products.The day the body should get about 800 mg of calcium.

basis of healthy nails - vitamins

To improve the condition of nails, is to increase your intake of vitamins B, C, E, A pledge of strong and beautiful nails - vitamin C. The recommended diet to include brewer's yeast, milk and eggs.It is a lack of vitamin B does spinning and brittle nails.

If the nail looks old, lost his attractive appearance, begins to twist - perhaps the body lacks vitamin C. To do this, eat more citrus and various fruits such as gooseberry.

If the nails do not grow and begin to curl, you need to eat more legumes, nuts, oil, which contains vitamin E. It is responsible for the growth of youth and nails.

There is no shortage of beautiful nails in the body of vitamin A. If the poor condition of the nails, exfoliation and tightening them accompanied by frequent diseases and inflammatory processes, then the immune system is weakened.Strengthen the immune system in general, and to get rid of twisted nails will help vitamin A, which many in carrots, vegetables, butter.