were treated pharyngitis , follow a few rules: provide peace of sore throat (do not strain your voice box), try not to talk, do it only when necessary and in a whisper.
periodically gargle solution furatsilina.To do this, dissolve one tablet furatsilina in half a glass of warm water.
Plenty drink warm liquids.For the best use of drinking alkaline beverages (mineral water without gas, milk), and - containing vitamins (lemon tea, cranberry juice).
from the diet to exclude the use of sharp, salty and
smoked products.
for gargling do infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs: chamomile, calendula, plantain, sage.Here you can buy a ready-made tinctures, which must be diluted with water (Rotokan, Romazulan).
Today there is a huge selection of different candies that help at sore throat.These include Valium, Sebidin, Faringosept.Thus women who are pregnant or are contraindicated Septolete, Falimint, Strepsils Plus.It should be noted that all pastilles and lozenges are effective only when milder forms of the disease.
Usually, at pharyngitis may slightly increase the temperature (usually not more than 38ÂșC).Therefore, try not to bring down the temperature.In rare cases, given the general state of a pregnant woman can be used for the purpose of lowering the temperature Efferalgan, Kalpol a drug based on paracetamol.
can treat pharyngitis during pregnancy as through traditional methods.To do this, use a rinse with fresh potato juice, potato steam inhalations or steam fir cones, lubricate the tonsils extract of propolis.