What is microflora?

main function of vaginal flora:
- protective;
- evolutionary.

protective function is designed to destroy pathogens that cause inflammation and infection in women.Evolutionary feature allows you to eliminate weaknesses in the acidic environment of the sperm, causing the egg to reach only healthy.

There are 4 degrees of acidity microflora.The first characterizes the degree of microflora with a minimum amount of harmful microorganisms.When the third and fourth degree there is inflammation, which need time to get rid of. If time does not restore the microflora, the bacteria affect the internal genitals.

Restoring vaginal microflora

Dysbacteriosis or dysbiosis vagina accompanied by unpleasant symptoms:
- an unpleasant odor;
- whitish-yellowish vaginal discharge;
- discomfort in the genital area.

To effectively restore microflora necessary to carry out a course of therapy, which is aimed at the suppression of pathogenic microorganisms, restoration of flora, improving immunity of the vaginal walls.

To reduce the amount of harmful bacteria used antiseptics local effects in the form of candles, antimicrobials and antibiotics.The daily dose is assigned a doctor, depending on the degree of violation of the flora and the condition of the female organism. most frequently for the destruction of harmful bacteria appoint candles "Terzhinane" and "Guinot-pevarile."

To quickly restore microflora after the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, probiotics are used, which are materials for the normalization of balance.As a rule, the source of probiotics and lactobacilli are milk products that benefit the work of the intestine.

normalize the immune defense of the vaginal walls, you can use local and general immune modulators.The most effective are "Immunal" "TSikloferon" and others.

as preventing an imbalance of microflora is necessary to observe the following rules:
- follow the personal hygiene of genitals;
- include in the diet of vegetable fiber and dairy products;
- give up self in the event of a violation of the flora;
- wearing underwear made of natural materials;
- through sexual contact, use barrier contraception;
- do not use tampons or pads in the event of an allergic reaction.