you need
  • - Thermometer for water.
most affordable and convenient form of hardening - a welcome contrast shower.Start taking a douche in the summer, when all the flu epidemic, ARI and ARI are in a resting phase, and the body has had time to recover from the transferred spring epidemics.
most optimal and safest option is considered to be systematic procedures at least twice daily.The temperature of the cold water can be lowered slowly by 2 degrees every week.
hardening first turn on the warm water, then the water with a temperature of 23 degrees.This initial versi
on.Under cool water stand no more than 40 seconds.Then again, take a warm shower with a temperature of 40-45 degrees and again - cool.To buy a thermometer measuring the temperature of the water.
second option hardening.First, turn on the hot water.Stand under it until until it is hot, then turn on the cold water a few seconds, the first few days, you can do cool.And so alternate the first 4-5 times, then, as addiction, 2 times daily, morning and evening.The procedure is repeated 10-15 times.
second option is more extreme, but it is faster, more efficient and less secure than a gradual hardening.On the body there are very contrasting temperatures, it results in the tone of the entire cardiovascular, immune system.From out of the body toxins, the skin becomes elastic, the mood is cheerful and optimistic.
Any kind of tempering, Kneipp, invalid thrombophlebitis, heart disorders, cancer, asthma, bronchitis with an asthmatic component, after recently transferred heavy colds, operations, blood transfusions, pregnancy,lactation.If you have any chronic diseases before start hardening, consult a physician.