How to correct nasolacrimal furrow

most common cause of the nasolacrimal (tear) furrow is considered a natural process of aging.The skin loses its elasticity and becomes more pronounced furrows.These changes will depend on heredity and skin care.These factors may affect the early appearance of nasolacrimal furrow provoke nasolabial furrows, wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes.All of this changes the appearance worse.

In this case, the correction will be effective nasolacrimal groove, which will help to significantly reduce the aging process.The methods of this correction are: the use of gel-spies, lipofilinga surgery (transplantation of autologous fat, fat drooping lower eyelid down and filling them sulcus).Used for correctio
n nasolacrimal furrow gel tracker comprises hyaluronic acid.With his help handle all the periorbital area, with the detective injected under the skin with special injections.A serious disadvantage of this method of correction - short duration of impact. Injections need to be repeated after 6-8 months.

Operating correction nasolacrimal furrow

Operating nasolacrimal furrow adjustment is carried out using two types of cuts: traskonyuktivalnogo or skin.Type of access will be determined by the initial data of patients.When expressed hernias lower eyelids, drooping soft tissues, made lifting the midface.If the patient has a lot of wrinkles and skin tone in the nasolacrimal furrow weakened incision through the conjunctiva of the eye.Skin kind of correction used in people with severe age-related changes. result of the operation to adjust the nasolacrimal groove is designed for 5-8 years.

During operation nasolacrimal furrow filled with tissues adjacent.In this case, a drooping lower eyelid fat packets, then made the filling of the furrows.Simultaneously performed midface lift, it raises the lowered soft tissue area of ​​the zygomatic arch and infraorbital area.

often tear trough correction operation is applied lipofilling (fat transplantation own).It is used in young people, as well as in older people who want to correct only the nasolacrimal groove, does not fundamentally changing the facial features.Correction nasolacrimal furrow is performed under local anesthesia.The operation takes less than 40 minutes.A couple of hours after the end of the patient can go home.