Contraceptive sponges, a new solution among the products from unwanted pregnancy.Due to availability and ease of use, they are becoming increasingly popular among women.

significant plus compared with hormonal contraceptive pills is the fact that the tampons do not require daily use by the hour, and introduced before sexual intercourse.Their action has a directional localization only in the environment of the vagina.Substances which are impregnated swab is not absorbed into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

Operating principle

The principle of contraceptive tampons based on the method of chemical contraception.At their manufacturing base swab impregnated with substances based on acid, often nonoksilonom-9.This substance corrodes the body of the spe
rm tail separates him.Separation of men's cells lose their ability to movement of the female genital organs, so fertilization occurs.

chemical composition not only suppresses sperm also kills bacteria and viruses in the vaginal environment.Such action tampons, prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, to protect women from infection.

tampon combines the function of barrier contraceptives.He firmly pressed toward throat neck, closing the entrance of the penetration of sperm.These contraceptives like a sponge fully absorb the sperm, not allowing it to penetrate the cervix.

Use properly

Contraceptive sponges are only subject to the rules of their application.To achieve the result it is necessary to moisten the swab in the water, gently squeeze and enter deep into the vagina.The procedure is done strictly before intercourse.In a dry swab protective substances are not active and do not protect against unwanted pregnancy.

After the act of copulation contraceptive tampon not remove immediately.It requires six to eight hours, it was during this time the acid will act detrimental to sperm.Early removal of the tampon is equivalent to sexual intercourse without contraception.

unique quality of the tampon is that it works as a contraceptive drug for a day, even with repeated sexual intercourse.Its contraceptive property expires after 30 hours.

thus such swabs - the latest contraceptives work in several directions.They are most concerned about the health of the female body.