you need
  • - "Hilak forte"
  • - juice, juice or any other beverage
drug "Hilak forte" is a drop and is intended for preventionand treatment of dysbacteriosis, stabilization of the intestinal microflora.
Often, children suffer problems with the gastrointestinal tract, which occur due to the disruption of the normal microflora.Such cases occur after antibiotic therapy, with the change of diet after undergoing surgery on the stomach, and for many other reasons.
Dysbacteriosis is adverse to the child state changes of microorganisms in the gut.Can lead to dysbacteriosis feeding, child malnutrition, chronic diseases of the intestines and stomach, a variety of food allergies.
use drops "Hilak forte" allows you to restore a healthy intestinal flora and improve the condition of the walls of the intestina
l wall, stimulate the production of vitamins "B".In his composition "Hilak forte" contains metabolic products of several types of bacteria - E. coli, lactobacilli, enterococci.
«Hilak forte" indicated for the treatment of diseases of the gallbladder, liver and biliary tract, dysbiosis, colitis and chronic gastroenteritis, intestinal disorders, allergic skin diseases, to increase acidity.
drug is allowed to receive and newborns.Kids up to two years' Hilak forte "give 15-20 drops three times a day.Children aged 2 to 12 years - 20-40 drops three times a day.Children older drug prescribed for 40-60 drops three times a day.
Before using shake the bottle with the drug."Hilak forte" do not give pure - it must be diluted with a small amount of sugar water, juice, tea, juice.Milk and milk products can not dilute the drug.Usually "Hilak forte" is recommended to be taken before a meal or during a meal.
If a child - is quite small and does not want to drink a solution of the product, it is possible to hold the nose with two fingers to load the baby swallowing reflex.There is no danger to the child, this is not welcome.
After the child's condition improves, the daily dose can be reduced by half."Hilak Forte" is well tolerated and does not usually cause any side effects.
Store "Hilak forte" of the reach of children.Unopened vials can be stored for up to five years, and the opening - up to a year.