Description "Pantogam 'instructions for use of the drug

« Pantogam "increases the resistance to hypoxia of the brain and the action of toxic substances, improves anabolic processes in neurons, showing anticonvulsant effect, reduces the excitability of the motor.Means prescribed for schizophrenia, accompanied by organic cerebral insufficiency, cognitive impairment due to organic brain damage, neurological disorders, for the prevention and treatment of extrapyramidal syndrome induced by classical neuroleptics, with cerebrovascular insufficiency caused by atherosclerotic changes in vessels of the brain, with psycho-emotional overload,reducing the physical and mental health, epilepsy, accompanied by a slowing of mental processes.

Babies "Pantogam" prescribed for developmental delay, mental r
etardation, perinatal encephalopathy, when cerebral palsy, hyperkinetic disorders, neurosis-like states.The drug comes in tablet form and syrup.Adults' Pantogam "you need to take a single dose of 0.25-1 grams daily in - 1.5-3 grams.For children, a one-time amount of 0.25-0.5 grams daily - 0,75-3 grams.The drug is recommended to take in the morning and afternoon hours in half an hour after eating.Duration of treatment - one to four months, in some cases, receive funds may take up to six months. If necessary, a second course of therapy can be done in three months.

«Pantogam": contraindications, side effects

«Pantogam" is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, acute renal disease, in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the means."Pantogam" may cause allergic reactions: skin rash, rhinitis, conjunctivitis.While receiving the drug may appear tinnitus, increased sleepiness, sleep disturbances.Generally, these symptoms are short lived, stopping means are not required. In an application "ksidifon" and "Glycine" enhance the effect of "Pantogam."

If necessary, long-term therapy the drug is recommended to combine with other neuroprotective drugs, has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system."Pantogam" increases the effect of anticonvulsants, prolongs the effect of barbiturates, and prevents side effects of phenobarbital, carbamazepine, and antipsychotics.In more detail the side effects are described in the annotations to the drug.