of vitamin A can be shown to receive the detection of lack of retinol in the body after the respective analyzes.The medicine is indicated for eating disorders caused by the patient's lifestyle.Also, additional vitamin A is used for the treatment of chronic diarrhea, steatorrhea, Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis.
appropriate dosage of vitamin A can be assigned only after a physician diagnosis of an existing condition.For the prevention of drug is usually taken 1 time a day 1 tablet 10-15 minutes after ingestion.
should be remembered that an overabundance of vitamin A i
n the body can lead to undesirable consequences, and therefore before prescribing the drug should consult a specialist.The doctor will also help determine the course of treatment and the need for further repetition of therapy.
for treatment of beriberi mild to moderate intake is also assigned to one tablet per day.At night blindness or xerophthalmia allowed to use 2-3 tablets a day after meals.The dosage for the treatment of many diseases of the skin is the same.For the treatment of acne, vitamin A is usually applied in the form of ointments and solutions for local application ("tretinoin", "Isotretinoin").
If the drug was administered to the patient by injection before administration need to heat the solution up to about body temperature (36-37oS).Severe skin diseases courses intramuscular injection may alternate with taking pills inside.
Excessive consumption of retinol leads to hypervitaminosis, but because it is necessary to comply with the dosage prescribed by a doctor.The overabundance of Vitamin A leads to fatigue, excessive sleepiness, irritability, headaches, and sleep disturbances.There may also be loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea.
possible occurrence of allergic skin reactions.Also common hypervitaminosis A is a hair loss, stomach pain, discomfort in the bones of the legs, causing disorders of gait.Overdose leads to increased temperature, blurred vision, pain in the joints, enlarged liver, jaundice.In severe cases may develop heart failure.