Pharmacological properties

After contact with the nasal mucosa "Sinuforte" stimulates the secretion of secretion of the nasal sinuses.The drug normalizes the viscosity of secretions and has a decongestant effect.Because of this there is an expansion of passes between the maxillary and frontal sinuses and nasal cavity, which promotes a free removal muco-purulent discharge.Effect of the drug improves blood circulation in the mucosa and improves the ventilation of the nasal passages. active substance "Sinuforte 'is Cyclamen Europe.


"Sinuforte" indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis, including purulent sinusitis, sinusitis and polisinusitov.The drug is used in rehabilitation therapy after operations in the para
nasal sinuses to reduce puffiness and cleanse.

Dosing "Sinuforte"

drug "Sinuforte" injected 1 time in each nostril.The frequency of administration - 1 times a day, daily or every other day.With daily use, the duration of treatment is 6-8 days, using a day - 12-16 days.

With the introduction of the drug to keep my head straight, not throwing back her.Breathing at the time necessary to delay spraying. When injection vial should be held vertically.Introducing the spray per nostril, perform one sharp tap.

Instructions for the preparation of the drug

Before use, the drug must be prepared.To do this, the vial with the powder to be added to the packaging the presence of a solvent.Then you need to screw cap bottle with pump spray and shake until complete dissolution of the powder.

Before use, the vial is necessary to remove the cap and make 1-2 pressing the dispenser to remove air.Formulation can be stored no more than 15 days at 2-8 ° C.

Contraindications Contraindications are individual sensitivity to the drug, and the presence of severe allergic reactions in the mucosa of the nose and face area.The drug is contraindicated in cystic polypous and allergic rhinosinusitis."Sinuforte" should not be taken by pregnant and lactating women and children under 12 years.

Side effects

Before the drug can adverse reactions in the form of a small burning sensation in the nose and throat, facial flushing, tearing, rare - brief headaches.When using "Sinuforte" runny nose may acquire a pinkish color.Arisen reactions are not the reason for the withdrawal of the drug.