ideal energizer for humans is exactly the antidepressant that works out of his brain.This is a natural antidepressant serotonin.To stimulate the production of the substance, you must have dark chocolate, marshmallows, bananas, sour-sweet berries.Also very good it stimulates the production of anti-depressant activity in sports, and bad habits such as smoking, on the contrary, reduce the level of serotonin, adrenaline and endorphin group of substances.In addition, a great way to get a surge of positive emotions and "necessary" hormones - a quality sex.

These substances are the best neurotransmitters that facilitate the transmission of impulses along the nerve endings, making of internally peaceful, stable and happy, and outside an active, strong and vigorous.

still very good stimulates the p
roduction of these substances food rich tripofanom.This hard cheese, processed cheese, cheese dishes, buckwheat and wheat.

The best lever for the development of such substances is the man himself.It is necessary to create for themselves an environment that did not have to think at all is an antidepressant.

Many people do not know that hormones, as mentioned above, the scientists liken to the Narcotic Substances and their drug called brain.By serotonin, adrenaline and endorphin group with frequent generation in large quantities there is an accustoming, and then the hormone does not give the same effect as before, or ceases to be noticeable, and the person begins to yearn, to go into a depression, and so on., And so n. This means that you need to look for new methods of obtaining positive emotions.

use of chemical antidepressants, it is desirable to leave only for extreme cases where other options out of the depression remains.To solve this question can only qualified physician.He will pick up and the necessary drugs that are prescribed in cases of really severe prolonged depression, as well as indicate the necessary dosage and frequency of application permitted.

note that almost all antidepressants for today are sold exclusively in pharmacies by prescription.This measure is justified, given that such drugs mostly contain certain drugs and can cause addiction and dependence.Some of them are used as raw materials for the home-made drugs.