Pharmacological properties and indications for use

The active ingredient of the drug - furosemide - has an active diuretic effect.The effect occurs within 1 hour after administration "Lasix" and reaches a peak after 1.5-2 hours.Actions of the drug takes about 7 hours. «Lasix" comes in the form of tablets and solution for injection.

drug "Lasix" prescribed When edema of different origin, including as a result have developed kidney and liver diseases, burn disease, as well as heart disease and acute left ventricular failure, forced diuresis.In the treatment of the drug is prescribed under increased pressure to normalize it.

Instructions for Use "Lasix»

medication dosage is determined individually.Usually "Lasix" is assigned in the form of tablets.

When edema moderate severity adults appoint 20-80 mg per day.With littl
e effect the dosage can be increased up to 40 mg.Increasing the dosage may be only after 6-8 hours after the first dose.The daily dose is taken as 1 or 2 times.

The dosage for children is 2 mg per 1 kg of body weight.Dose escalation is possible at 2 mg / kg no sooner than 6-8 hours.When hypertension is prescribed 80 mg per day.This dose should be divided into two times.If pereoralny the drug can not be assigned intravenous administration."Lasix" introduced slowly - for 1.5-2 minutes.

When edema is prescribed for children 20-40 mg of the drug.If necessary, after 2 hours the dose may be increased to 20 mg.The dosage for children when injected, is 1 mg / kg body weight.The dosage can be increased by 1 mg / kg body weight of the child, but no earlier than 2 hours.

If pulmonary edema is administered 40 mg of "Lasix" jet.In the absence of the desired effect after 20 minutes, the introduction of another 20-40 mg of the drug.For carrying out forced diuresis in a solution for intravenous infusion is added 20-40 mg.

Contraindications and side effects

drug is contraindicated in the presence of the expressed violations of electrolyte balance, intolerance components, anuria, hepatic coma, as well as deficiency of circulating blood volume.Contraindication to receiving "Lasix" is the I trimester of pregnancy and lactation. In the later stages of pregnancy the drug is prescribed with caution, and only after the restoration of normal blood volume.

Before the drug can develop a deficit of sodium, calcium and potassium.There may be thrombosis, allergic reactions, as well as increased levels of uric acid, triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose.