Diethyl ether is an ether produced the influence of concentrated sulfuric acid on ethyl alcohol.For the first time diethyl ether was obtained in the XVI century, the German pharmacist Valery Kordusom.Even then Kordus said anesthetic properties of the substance named.

Properties ether

Diethyl ether is a clear mobile liquid, which has a high volatility and a characteristic strong odor.The water soluble ether enough - at room temperature, its solubility does not exceed 6-7%.

Medical flammable ether - its vapors are extremely flammable.In mixtures with air they form an explosive mixture.

Application medicine

ether is used in medicine as a means of general anesthesia.Diethyl ether may be used as an independent means for anesthesia or comprise complex mixtures containing multiple narcotic gases.

ether anesthesia - an
esthesia classics.Diethyl ether has a wide therapeutic effect, a strong analgesic and narcotic effect.In parallel with the general anesthetic, ether causes a general relaxation of smooth muscles and can increase muscle relaxation induced by the action of curariform funds.

Diethyl ether is one of the safest drugs.It does not increase the sensitivity of the myocardium to catecholamines, does not inhibit breathing and excreted from the body virtually unchanged.

Private plus the use of diethyl ether is that it does not require the use of special anesthesia machines and need not be pre-mixed with oxygen.So often to ether anesthesia is sufficient to use a simple anesthetic mask.

In the event of a diethyl ether at any stage of the anesthesia the patient gradually regains consciousness, he restored the reflexes and muscle tone - ie the people in reverse passes all stages of anesthesia.

The negative properties of ether should include the slow achievement of surgical anesthesia stage, the presence of a pronounced period of excitement, irritation of the respiratory tract and the likelihood of postoperative complications.

For the anesthesia used drugs "Ether anesthesia" and "Ether for anesthesia stabilized."They are characterized by high purity.The drug "medical Ether" contains less pure ether for anesthesia does not apply - it used to prepare extracts for external application.Sometimes medical air used for the relief of the gag reflex.