Indications "Panthenol»

question of how to choose the best drug - "Bepanten" or "Panthenol" decided depending on the existing evidence.The choice may depend on the price, "Panthenol" is cheaper because it is an analogue of "Bepanten.""Panthenol" used to treat burns, wounds, abrasions, scratches, dermatitis, diaper rash, cracked and sore nipples of mammary glands in lactating women.It is used as prevention of adverse effects on the skin environmental factors, for the treatment of pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, extensive wound surfaces."Panthenol" is produced in the form of a cream, ointment, spray.The preparation stimulates the healing of the skin has a moderate anti-inflammatory action, improves the strength of collagen fibers, resulting in normal cell metabolism.

cream or ointment "Panthe
nol" is applied to the damaged area with a thin layer of the skin and gently rub.The drug is used 2-4 times a day.If the infected area of ​​the skin, it must be pre-treated with an antiseptic solution.If diaper dermatitis in infants' Panetnol "is used after each washing or changing a diaper.The duration of the application will depend on the severity of symptoms.Breastfeeding women need to lubricate the surface of the nipple ointment or cream after each feeding, wash it then do not need to.With burns better to apply spray "Panthenol".Depending on the symptoms it is applied several times a day."Panthenol" seldom causes side effects in some cases allergic reactions.The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Indications "Bepanten»

Indications for use "Bepanten" are: the prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis, diaper rash, cracked nipples during lactation, cervical erosion, chronic ulcers of the skin, fissures anus.Lotion "Bepanten" is used for the treatment of abrasions, scratches, cracks, for the purpose of healing and skin repair.The drug can be used on any part of the skin (including vulnerable, hairy skin areas for treating moist wound).The drug restores the skin, normalizes cellular metabolism, has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, moistens the skin.

When caring for infants ointment or cream "Bepanten" should be regularly applied to clean, dry skin after changing diapers.In preparation is applied nipples after feeding.For the treatment of skin wounds and other lesions ointment or cream is applied thinly to the injury site several times a day.The duration of treatment will depend on the severity of symptoms.Side effects "Bepanten" occur in rare cases, they manifest allergic reactions.The drug should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its components.