The application and effect of the drug

¬ęDiakarb" acts as a diuretic, which is indicated for cardiopulmonary diseases, developing emphysema or lung atelectasis.The product allows you to enhance renal function for accelerating the withdrawal of carbon dioxide and a variety of bicarbonate, from which the body can not get rid of because of a violation of the respiratory function.Also the medicine is used to increase intracranial pressure in adults and in infants under one year.The drug reduces the discharge cerebrospinal fluid, which leads to a parallel decrease in pressure and associated symptoms.Also the medicine is effective for glaucoma, accompanied by headaches.The drug is also indicated for epilepsy, edema syndrome and altitude sickness. Along with "Diamox" prescribed "Asparkam", which helps to re
store the level of potassium in the body.

The drug

Depending on the disease the drug is assigned to different doses.So, When edema medicine used in the amount of 1-1.5 1 tablet once a day in the morning.This reception is conducted daily or every other day for two consecutive days with one day break.When glaucoma medication is used 1-4 times a day 1 tablet for the reception.Children suffering from this disease, "Diakarb" should be used 10-15 mg / kg per day, smashing the entire dose into 3-4 receptions.

In epilepsy drug is given 1 tablet 1-2 times a day for 3 days, after which make a one-day break.At altitude sickness drug used 2-4 tablets. Omitting 1 reception is not necessary to increase the dose during the next use of the drug.

¬ęDiakarb" has some contraindications.So, it is forbidden to use the drug in acute renal and liver failure, hypokalemia, acidosis, gipokortitsizm, Addison's disease, uremia, diabetes.You also can not use the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

drug may cause some side effects.So, there may be noise in the ears, seizures, myopia.If the reception is carried out for a long time, somnolence and impaired sense of touch.There is also the likelihood of hypokalemia, nephrolithiasis and aggravation of other diseases associated with urinary system.On the part of the digestive tract may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes anorexia.At intolerance of ingredients of the drug may experience dermatologic reactions - rash and itching.