Pharmacological properties and reading "Ketotifenum»

As already mentioned, the drug effectively inhibits allergy mediators, such as histamine and lekotrien, and eliminates the hyperactivity of bronchial tubes caused by platelet activation.Due to the last properties of the drug, it is well proven in the asthmatic crises and "bursts" of seasonal and chronic allergies.

According to the instructions, and the description "Ketotifen" is rapidly absorbed after administration of the stomach wall, and after 2-4 hours maximizes the concentration of the active drug substance in the blood.

withdrawal of the drug from the body in two phases - in 3-5 hours and 21 hours, and its antihistamine effect lasts for 8-12 hours when reduced itching and redness.

list of diseases for which a use of "Ketotifenum»:
- mixed asthma and other forms;
- allergic bronchitis;
- hay fever and asthma attacks with her;
- polysystemic allergic disease - rash, dermatitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, treatment and prevention.Usually

"Ketotifen" in Russian pharmacies are sold in tablet form, and the price of 50 rubles per pack.

Use of drugs and symptoms of overdose

Usually the doctor assigns "Ketotifen" adults one tablet (= 1 milligram) during a meal twice a day.However, in the event of a sedative effect, this changed dosage and gradually increase to one week with half a tablet and a half twice in one day.

the appointment of medicines for children from six months to three years, it shows the use of 0.05 milligram "Ketotifen" based on one kilogram twice a day.

Kids after three years, is permitted to give half of the tablets in the morning and evening.

If you exceed the recommended dose may cause drowsiness in the patient, as well as confusion, disorientation, tachycardia, hypertension, and, especially in children, can lead to coma.If you experience these symptoms, it is recommended to gastric lavage, as well as supervise the work of the cardiovascular system.If, even after washing, the patient manifested seizures or increased arousal, doctors usually prescribe barbiturates or benzodiazepines korotkodeystvennye.

contraindications, possible side effects and the use of special instructions "Ketotifenum»

This drug is not recommended for women during pregnancy when you may experience hypersensitivity to ketoteinu.Also at the beginning of treatment may occur drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness and a slight slowing of psychomotor reactions.

medicine should not be used for people managing technology or truck in the morning or daytime as possible drowsiness may lead to accidents at work.

also not recommended strongly to cancel previously used anti-asthma drugs (Valium), as the measure may lead to adrenal insufficiency.