mechanism of drug action

Fluoxetine - active substance preparation "prozac" - is a bicyclic antidepressant mechanism of action is based on the inhibition of the reuptake of serotonin and other neurotransmitter in the nervous system, as well as blood cells.Effect of the drug has a cumulative effect, ie,achieved not earlier than one week from the start of reception is terminated at least 2 weeks after its cancellation.

cautions, contraindications, restrictions

If this drug you purchased without a prescription, then deciding on its application, you should be absolutely sure that a hundred percent healthy physically, do not take any sort of other drugs, it is notYou drink, not pregnant or planning a pregnancy.Otherwise, such an experiment over their health may be for you deadly.
Even completely healthy person reaction to medication is always individual.In the case of "prozac", it can be expressed includingangioedema, respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, and a number of side effects.
Remember: in Russia, "Prozac" can be applied only in cases of severe psychiatric disorders, such as endogenous depression, delirium, obsessive-compulsive disorder and some others, associated with abnormalities in the nervous system only in a hospital and only ifwhen no other drugs for a long time do not give the desired effect.If your doctor has prescribed you a "Prozac" is not in such a case, it could mean two things: either the characterization of the specialist is poor or it is in this "your interest."In any case, appointing fluoxetine for outpatient treatment, an expert is obliged to make sure you have the complete absence of any contraindications.

Before you start to make their own "Prozac", make sure that you do not have kidney or liver failure, diabetes, epilepsy, there is no seizures, no suicidal tendencies, there was no heart attack, urinary and cardiovascular systems in absolute order.Make sure also that no less than two weeks, you will not accept and will not plan on taking drugs, which act by inhibiting the enzyme monoamine oxidase, antihistamines, barbiturates, cold remedies, slimming, sleeping pills, painkillers and a variety of other means, in conjunction with which the effect of "prozac" may be unpredictable - until death.

In addition, for the entire period of the drug you have to give up foods containing tyramine, tyrosine, tryptophan, caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, ethanol.A complete list of these products you should read separately.If you still are not afraid of only one word, "Prozac", you are ready for the strict observance of a rigid diet, are fully aware that you risk your life, start taking the drug for one capsule (20 mg) per day in the morning inmeals. In the event of even suspected side effects, immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor. Do not increase the dose of the drug for at least a week.If you did not have any side effects, but also positive dynamics you will not be felt in the second week the dose may be increased to 2 capsules in the morning.The maximum permitted daily dose is 80 mg, but try to limit to 40 mg.Taking the drug for more than 4 weeks can only be obsessive-compulsive disorders of the psyche.