such means are tablets and tinctures of valerian or motherwort.About valerian I wrote.Now let's talk about motherwort.

calming effect has two kinds of motherwort - Motherwort Leonurus cardiac and fluffy (five-blade).Properties of this plant are well known to mankind for many centuries.In order for it to be always at hand, it planted near houses, monasteries, so it is widely distributed in our continent.

manufacture of a medicament used motherwort herb (the upper part of the stem, a length of about 40 cm).Motherwort can be used after drying, brewing chopped herbs.

sale often possible to meet the two forms of the drug - pills and tinctures.Most doctors consider these release forms are equally effective, so if the drug must be taken on a trip, it is better to buy a tablet, and can be taken home and ti


main indications to receive funds on the basis of motherwort are: stress, sleep disorders, vascular dystonia, arrhythmia, epilepsy.Motherwort can be taken as a one-time fee, and course, but, despite the fact that this natural remedy has virtually no contraindications, is pre-consult with your doctor.

contraindications to motherwort can be: individual intolerance, gastrointestinal problems, pregnancy.Also it is necessary to be careful with this drug for those whose profession is connected with the need to focus and people with low blood pressure.

Note , that motherwort is used as one of the main components (including valerian) in some very expensive sedatives.Read the composition of the drug before you buy, and if so, do not overpay for the advertised name and purchase a cheap tablet or tincture motherwort.

Helpful Hint: the pharmacy can also be found motherwort brewing (dried and chopped herbs).The exact dosage (how to make and how to drink) must always be indicated on the packaging.If the description of the data is not present, guided by the following figures: Leonurus brew boiling water in an enamel pot on a tablespoon of herbs taken 100 ml of water.Take a herbal "tea" on the recommendation of a doctor, depending on the problem.