Description of the preparation, the indications "Likopid»

Medicament "Likopid" inhibits inflammatory processes in the body, caused by an infection, and it stimulates the anti-tumor immunity, preventing the appearance of cancer."Likopid" prescribed for the treatment of indolent, recurrent and chronic infectious-inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by the acquired immunodeficiency.As part of a combined therapy, the drug is used for treatment of chronic respiratory tract infections, acute and chronic diseases of inflammatory skin and soft tissue, recurrent abrasions, pulmonary tuberculosis, psoriasis. «Likopid" is also indicated for the treatment of viral infections: herpes, chronic hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus infection.

«Likopid" is made in the form of tablets, which contain 1 mg or 10 mg of a
ctive substance.1 mg tablets placed under the tongue until complete dissolution, 10 mg tablets for oral use, for half an hour before a meal.

Instructions for Use "Likopid»

For the treatment of respiratory infections and prevention of complications after surgery "Likopid" applied under the tongue once a day for one to two milligrams within ten days.To prevent a recurrence of respiratory infections, pulmonary tuberculosis, with severe septic diseases "Likopid" is taken orally once a day in an amount of 10 mg.

When septic processes of soft tissue and skin "Likopid" take two to three times a day for two milligrams under the tongue for ten days.Herpes mild take the same dose for six days once or twice a day.Herpes severe single dose increased to ten milligrams.In oftalmogerpese "Likopid" is taken orally twice a day for ten milligrams for three days, after a three-day break, repeat the treatment.

for the treatment of psoriasis "Likopid" are inside of ten milligrams once or twice a day for ten days, and then take ten to twenty milligrams a day every day for a week and a half.In severe forms of psoriasis take medication twice a day for ten milligrams within twenty days.

Babies "Likopid" is assigned in the form of tablets, 1 mg, they need to be taken orally.For the treatment of childhood chronic respiratory infections and purulent skin infection "Likopid administered once a day for one milligram for 10 days.The same amount of the drug three times a day is indicated for the treatment of herpes (for ten days) and viral hepatitis (for twenty days). not recommended "Likopid" in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding (lactation).

Side effects, contraindications to the use of "Likopid»

«Likopid" by the reviews well tolerated.In rare cases may cause allergic reactions and mild fever."Likopid" is contraindicated in body temperature over 38 ° C, with individual intolerance, inflammatory diseases of the thyroid gland in the acute stage.