Selection Rules drugs

All drugs designed to cure inflammation of the skin, usually have a fairly aggressive nature and may be very dry skin and even cause allergic reactions.For this reason, before buying or using a better tool to test the detection area skin.Apply the medication in the crook of the elbow or the inside of your wrist and watch the reaction of the skin during the day.If you notice any redness, itching or swelling, use the medication in any case not worth it.

Remember that any drug for acne requires a certain period of use.Do not wait for a magic effect on the next day after applying.Yes, acne can appear overnight, but in order to get rid of them, the drug should be used for at least 3 weeks.Have patience.Also, do not get involved in the simultaneous use of a huge number of different funds.If you flood their already
suffering skin multitude of aggressive substances, it may respond to allergy, peeling or even aggravation of the process.

What kind of ingredients to avoid

oily and dry skin like.But it should not all in a row, but only special tools designed specifically for the treatment of acne.Do not use soap with lye, alcohol-based substances, and rough scrubs and ingredients that can scratch the skin.Remember that cleansing agents such is only possible if there is no inflammation.Otherwise you are just creating more damage to the skin and open the gates for bacteria colonization.

Choose soft exfoliating agents that cause minimal damage to the skin.Best of all marked "for sensitive skin" or "delicate."From flavors and all fragrances, natural or artificial, and refuse - they can cause an allergic reaction.

What are your pimples

In mild enough to point the application dries ointments and cleansing the skin, but if the inflammation and clogged pores occupy 25 percent or more from the surface of the skin - requires an integrated approach, and even consulting a dermatologist.Often the strong form of the disease in patients prescribed a course of antibiotics, special diets and examination of internal organs.After the skin - an indicator of problems in the body.