«Lokobeyz Reap" contains the following components: palmitic acid, cholesterol, oleic acid, carbomer, trometamol, carnauba, paraffin, liquid paraffin soft white paraffin solid, glycerin, sorbitanolat, ceramidesIII, water.The main components are a free fatty acid, cholesterol and ceramides.They are built in violation of the protective barrier of the epidermis and provide fast, long-lasting effect.
cream starts to operate immediately after application to the skin, it reduces the evaporation of moisture due to the occlusion effect.Active components means penetrate into the stratum corneum of the epidermis, and the lipids contained in the cream substitute missing skin lipids.Then they reach the deeper layers and accumulated in special cells - plate cells.If necessary, these cells are capable of releasing l
ipids, thereby maintaining the water-lipid balance of the skin.
«Lokobeyz Reap" is different from other skin care products, which only form a protective film and produce a short-term effect.Often, they have no natural lipids so they lose their effect within a few hours.To maintain the desired effect of such agents on the skin should be applied repeatedly during the day."Lokobeyz ripping" has an effect in those cases where the conventional cream does not give the desired effect.Apply the product on dry skin 1 time per day, for example, in the evening.With vigorous impact of negative factors on the skin, apply the cream several times a day.
«Lokobeyz Reap" is a highly concentrated cream, even a small amount is sufficient to fully restore the protective function of the epidermis.The cream contains no preservatives, perfumes, dyes, it can be used in addition to the tools of daily skin care."Lokobeyz Reap" is ideal for use in winter, when the violation of water-lipid balance of the skin caused by constant alternation of dry warm indoor air and cold outside.
adverse effects on the skin has constant contact with cleaning chemicals, water.The epidermis is particularly sensitive to the action of the external environment, suffering skin disease.In these cases, to restore the function of the skin plays a decisive role systematic use of "Lokobeyz Reap."The cream can also be used to care for delicate and sensitive skin of newborns, older children.