barrier methods

meaning of this method in creating a barrier (obstacle) in the path of the sperm to the uterus. These contraceptives are women (caps, diaphragms) and male (condoms).

Pros obvious barrier method in addition to protection against pregnancy, condoms effectively protect against diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact (HIV, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases).At the same time they are sold without a prescription and at an affordable cost.

barrier method makes it possible to regulate the need for contraception.You can also mention the cons: possible inflammation of internal genital organs and urinary system diseases using female contraception.Caps is often shifted, and condoms
are torn.

also necessary to consider that perhaps the manifestation of allergic reactions to the materials from which the remedies.And, of course, do not forget to reduce the sensation during intercourse.

Spermicides - chemical contraceptives

substances belonging to the spermicide, for a few seconds can destroy sperm. Spermicides are produced in the form of tablets, foaming suppositories, foam aerosols, gels and creams.

main advantage can be considered the availability of chemical contraceptives.They can always be at hand.But the disadvantage of this type of contraception - a fixed duration.

biological method

This method is based on calculating the days when the probability of conception is high.The following species: simtotermalny (breast swelling, pain in the abdomen), cervical (cervical mucus is tested), temperature, calendar.This method is effective if the female body works like a clock, the menstrual cycle without hesitation.

method of intrauterine contraception

In this case, the uterus establish a foreign body, which carries the contraceptive effect.The method of intrauterine contraception may be of two types: containing the hormone or containing copper.This gives contraceptive efficacy in the long term (5 years).You can use the method in the period of lactation.But there are also disadvantages at the intrauterine contraception: should be regularly examined by a doctor.There is also a large list of side effects and contraindications.

hormonal methods

This method is based on the use of synthetic analogues of natural hormones.In this case it replaced by a natural cycle, resulting in failure of conception.Matches hormonal only physician after a full examination.

main advantages: after cancellation of hormonal agents pregnancy is possible in a short time, they are easy to use, have a high contraceptive efficacy.

But a lot of shortcomings, and have a method.For example, hormonal contraceptives are not allowed to use during lactation, it is advisable not to combine with taking analgesics and antibiotics, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions.As a result, the reception can result in serious health problems.