Activated carbon - a great tool for getting rid of the internal organs of toxicity (poisoning) different products and even poisons.And it can be used as well as the people and domestic and farm animals.
Activated carbon is a good way to cleanse the body of man.It allows you to clean the digestive tract of toxins, toxins, removes cholesterol.It normalizes blood pressure.Using activated carbon, we not only cleanse your body of unwanted substances, but do not let them stay in it for a long time, due to which the process of weight loss - weight loss process.
Activated Carbon allows you to fight against various diseases.They treat diseases such as gout, joint diseases, diseases of the ears, dermatitis, hepatitis.It relieves patients with epilepsy.It is
a good remedy against impotence.It relieves the symptoms of a hangover.
Activated carbon is widely used in cosmetology.It perfectly cleanses the pores, removes blackheads, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin.The skin becomes less oily.To date, not necessarily by themselves to make a mask of the activated carbon is sufficient to buy a product in the store (soap, masks, gels) which contain the components.
If you can not attend the expensive dental clinics, you can try ways to whiten teeth with activated carbon.This result is in the hospital, of course, is not worth waiting, but for a couple of tones, you can whiten teeth.The main thing is not to bleach once a week, it may damage the tooth enamel.
also activated carbon can be used in the household.It is great to absorb excess moisture and absorbs odors.You can put a few tablets of activated charcoal in shoes or in the fridge and a couple of days the smell will disappear.
activated carbon, due to its absorbent properties is excellent and indispensable tool in the water treatment of odors, harmful contaminants and pathogens.He is one of the most reliable cleaning agents.Carbon water filters can be manufactured by, and can be bought ready-made at the store.