Usually multivitamins contain a full range of micro- and macronutrients necessary to maintain and strengthen the immune system, skin, hair, digestive, mental and visual function, and so on. D. However,conditions of short days and low temperatures, special attention should be paid to preparations containing vitamins A, B6, B2, B5, C, H, E, PP and folic acid.
Vitamin A or retinol acetate helps retain moisture in the skin and maintaining its general tone.As
you know, in the cold and dark time of year, the skin becomes dry, lifeless, grayed, and deteriorating condition of the hair and nails.This may indicate a lack of vitamin A. This element can not be obtained in pure form.It is formed by the enzymatic reaction of the provitamin carotene.Thus, to compensate for vitamin A need to eat foods that contain carotene (persimmons, carrots, pumpkin, sorrel, egg yolk, vegetable oil), or take medications that contain retinol acetate.
B vitamins are also responsible for the condition of the skin.In winter, as a rule, there is a natural deficiency of vitamins of the group.As a result, a person begins to suffer from dermatitis, boils, acne and other inflammatory processes.Vitamin B6 can be filled with drugs containing pyridoxine, which is formed of pure vitamin B6.B2 and B5 vitamins are needed to maintain the water balance of the skin and its protective functions, but vitamin B2, for example, is very difficult to obtain from the food, since its absorption takes considerable time.
Vitamin C, primarily associated with the dark time of the year.It increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases and synthesizes hormones of happiness, because we know that in winter people feel more depressed and sluggish than in the summer.To regain his old vigor, take ascorbic acid or replenish diet citrus, sauerkraut, beetroot - products available in the darkest time of the year.
Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is vital to the man and his lack of a negative impact on brain function and mental resistance to stress.Tocopherol is a member of multivitamin complexes, but also a separate group of drugs.
At deficiency of folic acid, the skin becomes pale, appear "bags" under the eyes.The person suffers from low efficiency and constant fatigue.Folic acid - one of the elements which are always in short supply in the winter season.It is contained in buckwheat, apples, beef, dates and pumpkin, but unfortunately, during heat treatment folic acid is rapidly destroyed.Therefore, people suffering from a deficiency of folic acid, can be displayed preparations containing this vital element.