Product description

grass motherwort, part of the infusion, contains organic acids, tannins and sweeteners, essential oils, flavonoids and saponins.These elements have sedative and hypotensive properties.The drug reduces the excitation of the central nervous system, due to which there comes a calming effect.It facilitates the onset of sleep, without exerting the influence of sleeping pills.Herb is not addictive and psychological dependence.

«Motherwort tincture" is used in cardiovascular neurosis, vegetative dystonia, neurasthenia, hypertension, irritability, emotional excitability, psihoastenii, accompanied by a sense of tension and insomnia.The drug is contraindicated in erosive gastritis, individual intolerance of components of the drug, ulcer disease of the stomach and duod
enum.It is also not recommended for patients tincture to 12 years, during pregnancy and lactation.

The drug can cause side effects.During the reception, you may experience indigestion and allergic reactions such as a redness of the mucous membrane, itching and skin rash.In developing side effects to stop taking tinctures.Precautions should use the drug to people with diabetes, alcohol dependence, and chronic liver failure.

etc. Application Instructions tincture

Reception "Motherwort tincture" prescribed by the physician on an individual treatment plan.The drug is taken orally.Adults are recommended to take the drug for 30-50 drops 3-4 times a day.The course of treatment is continued until a stable therapeutic effect.In rare cases, infusion administered to children from 12 years.The dosage is the rate of 1 drop of the drug for one year of life.

As part of the drug include ethyl alcohol, you need to be careful while driving and other mechanisms.Tincture when taken with drugs, sedatives and analgesics enhances the effect of the latter.Soothing properties of the drug develops slowly, over 3 weeks.The advantages of "Motherwort tincture" in front of other sedatives is the low price and availability.The cost varies from 8 to 25 rubles, depending on the region.