Drug Usage "Avelox»

«Avelox" is an antibacterial broad-spectrum drugs.It is prescribed for the treatment of the acute form of sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses), chronic form of bronchitis, community-acquired pneumonia (an infectious inflammation of the lungs), intra-abdominal abscess, for the treatment of various skin infections, uncomplicated inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

«Aveloks" administered orally or intravenously at a dose of 400 mg once a day.The drug is taken regardless of meals.The duration of treatment during exacerbation of chronic bronchitis is five days, with community-acquired pneumonia - ten days, skin infections, acute sinusitis - seven days. intravenous dose of "Avelox" should be given a drip - for 1 hour.

Contraindications to the appointment of "Avelox»

«Avelox" is contraindicated in
case of hypersensitivity to the drug, children and adolescents under the age of eighteen, epilepsy, severe diarrhea, during pregnancy and lactation.The drug is prescribed with caution in the early detection of seizures, liver failure, reducing the heart rate, coronary heart disease, while taking drugs that slow conduction of the heart, while receiving corticosteroids, diarrhea, pseudomembranous colitis.

Side effects "Avelox»

the treatment of "Avelox" may experience side effects from the digestive system - nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, dry mouth, stomatitis, anorexia, gastritis, jaundice.From the nervous system may cause dizziness, headache, asthenia, somnolence, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, increased muscle tone, coordination disorders, sleep disorders, speech disorders, depression, attention deficit disorder, confusion and disorientation. during treatment may cause allergic reactions: rash, itching, hives, anaphylactic shock.

From the senses of taste may change, impaired vision.On the part of the cardiovascular system may appear tachycardia, palpitations, chest pain, may increase blood pressure.The respiratory system may develop shortness of breath, bronchial asthma.

the part of the musculoskeletal system may cause pain in the joints and muscles, pain in the back, in the legs.With the genitourinary system may develop vaginitis, vaginal candidiasis, are not excluded abdominal pain, edema, renal dysfunction.