Krasavka - a perennial herb that can reach a height of 2 m. Of wild belladonna spread in the Caucasus, the Carpathians and the Crimea.For medical purposes harvested leaves of the plant in the summer - in late June-early July.Their use in the production of a large number of medications.

Properties belladonna

beneficial properties of the plant due to its main active ingredient - atropine.This material has a neurogenic and antispasmodic effect.Under his influence, a reduction in the tone of smooth muscle organs such as the uterus, intestines, pancreas and bladder, bronchi.In addition, atropine and has a mydriatic effect is the ability to extend the pupils of the eyes.In ancient times, women were belladonna to visually enlarge the size of the eye and give them a greater brilliance of the plant and got the second n
ame "Belladonna", meaning "beautiful woman."

Atropine is depressing, and the function of glandular organs - reduces the flow of saliva and reduces the formation of pancreatic juice and gastric juice.This substance also affects the brain and heart.For example, an overdose of atropine promotes strong mental stimulation.As a result, the person becomes more active, his emotions "overflowing", in some cases, the body start to beat cramps.

How to take

In medicine widely used drugs belladonna thanks to its pharmacological properties, a highly active alkaloid atropine.Use as pure preparations on the basis of an extract from a plant, and the total and integrated tools.

In gastric ulcer and 12 tiperstnoj intestines designate 0.1% solution of belladonna two or three times a day for half an hour before meals or one hour after.Dose selected individually depending on the sensitivity to atropine and may be 6-15 drops.

for pupil dilation in the study of the fundus, to identify the true refraction and for other diagnostic purposes is used 0.5-1% solution or ointment.

If poisoning carbachol, acetylcholine, acetylcholinesterase and various nicotinic compounds are administered 0.1% solution of atropine in a vein of 0.001 g

for healing anal fissures, to relax the cervix and treatment of hemorrhoids appoint an extract of belladonna in candles - one candleseveral times a day.The maximum daily dose - 150 ml.The course of treatment - 5-7 days.

In tablets, the extract of the herb commonly prescribed for insomnia, irritability, nervousness and vegetative dystonia.When the total dose of belladonna alkaloids in the formulation in an amount of 0.001 g reception 1-2 tablets administered three times a day.